Matthew Rowe is Head of Cross Asset Strategies and Senior Portfolio Manager at NPC. Matthew focuses on cross asset relative value and has a base of experience and expertise in volatility as an alpha source and risk management function.  

Matthew has more than 20 years of experience managing global portfolios, teams and risk in multiple strategies and asset classes including Convertible, Capital Structure and Merger Arbitrage, Volatility, Correlation, Fundamental and Quantitative. 

Before joining Nomura, Matthew served as Chief Investment Officer at Headwaters Volatility/Solutions, which managed portfolios for investors with a specific focus on volatility for alpha and risk mitigation.  

Prior to joining Headwaters Volatility/Solutions, Matthew was Head of Liquid Strategies and Solutions at Achievement Asset Management. In addition to acting as Portfolio Manager of The Achievement Fund, Matthew managed assets in separate discretionary volatility and quantamental long/short equity accounts for BlackRock, JP Morgan Asset Management, Arden (Aberdeen), and more. 

Prior to joining Achievement, Matthew co-founded Tamalpais Asset Management, where he served as Managing Partner, Head of Trading and Portfolio Manager for assets covering Convertible, Capital Structure, Correlation and Volatility strategies. 

Previously, as Portfolio Manager for Convertible, Capital Structure and Volatility strategies, Matthew helped launch and grow Marin Capital Partners. 

Matthew earned a bachelor’s degree from Wittenberg University and has been a frequent contributor over the years to Bloomberg Television, WSJ, Barron’s, TD Ameritrade, Nasdaq Trade Talks and Real Vision.