Nomura Private Capital (NPC) was created to support financial advisors in their pursuit of the best outcomes for their clients. It is our fundamental belief that traditional portfolios need to evolve to succeed in today’s market. Our sole focus is to provide differentiated investment outcomes and exposures across the global credit markets that accelerate our clients’ investment objectives.

Our Values

At NPC, our values drive everything we do.


We are committed to perpetually building upon our team’s knowledge and expertise in the global credit markets in order to construct differentiated investment outcomes.


With the support of a nearly 100-year-old institution with entrepreneurship at its core, we deliver innovative market-leading strategies for our clients to help them achieve their goals.


Open communication and accountability are at the core of what we do and are essential to developing relationships that stand the test of time.


NPC is committed to building enduring relationships with financial advisors, serving as a trusted guide and partner. Our commitment to integrity leads to higher quality and more innovative strategies.


Humility is built upon decades of industry experience. The strongest long-term partnerships result from a willingness to listen, collaborate and build mutual trust.